Emerging Issues in Environmental and Occupational Health: Mining and Construction in Transition Economies

Date: April 22-23, 2013
Event Type: International Scientific Symposium
Speakers: See program
Venue: American University of Armenia


The American University of Armenia organized an international scientific symposium focused on exploring the occupational and environmental health issues around mining and construction in transition economies such as Armenia.

This symposium, titled “Emerging Issues in Environmental and Occupational Health: Mining and Construction in Transition Economies,” was organized by the AUA School of Public Health and AUA Acopian Center for the Environment in cooperation with the Collegium Ramazzini, an independent, international academy advancing the study and practice of occupational and environmental health and safety.

“We hope to engage a broad spectrum of occupational and environmental health scientists working in academia, as well as government and non-government organizations, business, labor, and other organizations in the public and private sectors,” explained Varduhi Petrosyan, associate dean of the AUA School of Public Health. “The symposium seeks to improve the understanding of how evidence-based scientific findings can be applied to strategically protect workers’ and community health in the region.”

The conference takes place at a time of new challenges facing many transitional economies, particularly in the post-soviet sphere. Armenia, along with other former communist-block states, has been unable to develop adequate responses to the socio-economic, environmental, and public health concerns rising from unregulated market growth in mineral extraction and construction

“The research presented provided solutions to the many occupational and environmental health problems facing the communities and laborers affected by these industries,” says Alen Amirkhanian, director of the AUA Acopian Center for the Environment. “Our goal is to move the discussion forward and help craft public policy that can address these issues, protect workers and ensure we properly develop these industries.”

The language of the conference was English with simultaneous translation into Armenian. The conference was streamed live online at http://civilnet.am For more information, visit  http://eoh2013.aua.am.


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