Training Needs Assessment

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Within the framework of the ITAMSPE project online needs assessment to identify project’s training needs and recommend training plans and modules was carried out in October 2018 – February 2019. Training needs assessment (TNA) included preparation of questionnaire and its dissemination among the target groups, collecting feedback and analysis of the findings and data by performing gap analysis and recommending training priorities. The analysis of the results was carried out by the TNA expert Harutyun Alpetyan.

Two main target groups identified for the Trainings Needs Assessment were:

  • Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Local Self-Governance Bodies (LSG), Civil Youth Centers (CYCs), Media
  • EITI Armenia Multi-Stakeholder Group (MSG)

Please find the details about the methodology, graphs, key findings, questionnaire and participant lists in the Report (DOWNLOAD HERE, Arm version).


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