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The project proposes to develop a series of videos on the key notions and principles of EITI. The suggested topics include:

— Understanding EITI standards and process;
— MSG and CSOs — rules of conduct, conflict of interest, etc.;
— Beneficial ownership;
— Contracts and licensing in Armenia;
— Understanding company financials and payments;
— Understanding Government revenues and expenditures;
— Social expenditures;
— Production and exploration data; and
— Other Aspects of Responsible mining (e.g., environmental, public health, economic decision making)

Besides making concepts visualization easier and helping to achieve a fully engaging training experience, the developed videos will also help to ensure the longevity of the training material and will offer more accessible and reusable learning tools.

Educational Videos

Part 1.Understanding EITI standards and process

Part 2. MSG and CSOs – rules of conduct, conflict of interest, etc.

Part 3. Beneficial ownership

Part 4. Contracts and licensing in Armenia

Part 5. Understanding company financials and payments

Part 6. Understanding Government revenues and expenditures

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