Legal and Political Preconditions of Mining: Learning from the Swedish Experience

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The AUA Center for Responsible Mining and the Luleå University of Technology with the support of the Embassy of Sweden Yerevan are offering a 3-day intensive professional development seminar called “Legal and Political Preconditions of Mining: Learning from the Swedish Experience.”

The seminar is designed for public officials, academics, and civil-society members interested in improving the governance of the mining sector in Armenia.

The seminar will be conducted by experts from Luleå University of Technology—Sweden’s pre-eminent academic institution with a specialty in mining. The three experts visiting are:

– Maria Pettersson, Professor

– Lars Bäckström, Assistant Professor 

– Gregory Poelzer, Post-Doctoral Researcher

The 3-day seminar is offered free of charge.

Registration is required. Register here

Certificate of participation is available for those attending the entire seminar and completing the final written exam.

English and Armenian simultaneous translation will be available.

The visit is the first step in establishing a long-term partnership between the Luleå University of Technology, the American University of Armenia and other institutions in Armenia.

For inquiries contact Tatev Haroyan at +374 60 61 2520 or [email protected].


AGENDA (Download)

                                                                    DAY 1: Monday, Feb 11, 2019
17:00-18:00      Legal preconditions for mining (I) – property rights, mineral rights, exploration, concession etc., Dr. Lars Bäckström, Assistant Professor, Luleå University of Technology  Download
18:00-18:15      Break  
18:30-19:30      Legal preconditions for mining (II) – environmental assessment and licensing,Dr. Maria Pettersson, Professor, Luleå University of Technology Download
                                                                   DAY 2: Tuesday, Feb 12, 2019
17:00-18:00       Water management: legal aspects – ‘property rights’, water operations & integrated water management, Dr. Maria Pettersson, Professor, Luleå University of Technology Download
18:15-18:30      Break  
18:30-19:30     Role of bureaucrats in mine development – the effect of institutional design, Dr. Gregory Poelzer, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Luleå University of Technology Download
                                                                    DAY 3: Wednesday, Feb 13, 2019
17:00-18:00      Public acceptance of mining – comparing factors for acceptance in contested and non-contested projects, Dr. Gregory Poelzer, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Luleå University of Technology Download
18:00-19:00      Certification Exam and Issuance of Certificates  




Maria Pettersson

Professor Maria Pettersson, LL.D. and M.Sc in Economics, is specialized in environmental and natural resources law. Her research is primarily focused on the function of law in relation to the management and utilization of natural resources, often considering climate change. Examples of Pettersson’s research areas include comparative law, renewable energy development, including wind- and hydropower; energy planning and permitting processes; mining; forest governance, including water issues; and biodiversity protection. Pettersson is also responsible for the master’s programme in Environmental and Natural Resources law at Luleå University of Technology.


Lars Bäckström

Assistant professor Lars Bäckström, LL.D, is specialized in real estate law, with a specific focus on mining law, including issues in relation to mineral- and property rights. Bäckström is responsible for the bachelor’s programme in law at Luleå University of Technology.

Gregory Poelzer

Gregory Poelzer, Ph.D., is a Postdoctoral Research in the Political Science at Luleå University of Technology. His research focuses on legitimacy in the resource sector, specifically the relationship between interaction and outcomes. Most of his empirical studies look at mining in the Swedish and Canadian context.








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