International Best Practices

MLRI working papers provided in this section review global best practice approaches to six thematic areas in the mining sector outlined below. Each working paper draws comparisons between Armenian practice and global best standards, pointing out key gaps in domestic legislations. It also provides preliminary recommendations for improvement. The working papers were prepared by Vlado Vivoda and Jonathan Fulcher of University of Queensland and are finalized based on stakeholder comments and suggestions.

Working Paper 1. Mine Waste Classification and Management

Vivoda V., Fulcher J., ‘Mine Waste Classification, and Management,” Yerevan, Armenia (2017)

Working Paper 2. Remediation, Rehabilitation, and Mine Closure

Vivoda V., Fulcher J., ‘Remediation, Rehabilitation, and Mine Closure,” Yerevan, Armenia (2017)

Working Paper 3. Compensation for Environmental Damage

Vivoda V., Fulcher J., ‘Compensation for Environmental Damage,” Yerevan, Armenia (2017)

Working Paper 4. Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

Vivoda V., Fulcher J., ‘Environmental and Social Impact Assessment,” Yerevan, Armenia (2017)

Working Paper 5. Monitoring, Enforcement, and Compliance

Vivoda V., Fulcher J., ‘Monitoring, Enforcement, and Compliance,” Yerevan, Armenia (2017)

Working Paper 6. Occupational Health and Safety

Vivoda V., Fulcher J., ‘‘Occupational Health and Safety,” Yerevan, Armenia (2017)